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Pinhal do Sol

Portugal, Europe

This hotel is located between Vale do Lobo and Vilamoura. Situated near the beach in Quarteira, the hotel is close to Aqua Show Park, and Trafal Beach. The centre of Quarteira, with a diverse range of shopping and entertainment venues is around 3 km away, and is easily reached with the hotel shuttle bus. The nearest bars, restaurants and public transportation links are 1 km away.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Car park
  • 24-hour reception
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Wired Internet
  • Wi-fi*
  • Car hire*
  • Transfer service*
  • Laundry service
  • Launderette*
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Dont go

Review by Cookie9567 West Midlands, United Kingdom

We arrived at the pinhal do sol and I must admit it resembled Bates Motel rather than a hotel,the room was so far away from reception,it was down dimly lit corridors that resembled a maze,the room was adequate and appeared clean although the 2 flies that were there on the floor when we arrived were still there when we left.the pool area was pleasant and clean but the swimming pool was colder than the drinks,once you were in it was ok,the food was the worse concoction I have ever seen and the cold lunch was the same everyday,even the cold fish fingers,after 2 days we couldn't stomach it and went out of the hotel,the courtesy bus was not running so apart from having to pay to go and eat we also had to pay for taxis.The drinks were akin to drinking turpentine so we bought our own,we even had to buy our own mixers as the soft drinks were served out of 2 litre bottles and always flat the service was awful and when the staff did appear the attitude of some of them was diabolical,2 nights of entertainment Carlos and karaoke,all in all it was the worse hotel I've ever stayed in and you might say you get what you pay for but this was all that was available at a ridiculously inflated price on a positive note the toasties were acceptable.

TripAdvisor Review

Dont stay here!

Review by lauracR4685RN

Stayed here 11th till 14th September. Honestly its the worst place I have ever stayed. The all inclusive is a joke...

Cant get a soft drink till 11am. Food was the same everyday. Staff are rude and very unhelpful. The room was OK but the corridors are dark and long. We were not told that the shuttle service was not running so cost alot in taxis going into town to get food that we could actually eat. Never went in the pool. Couldn't buy snacks after 10pm as the bar was closed. I would not return here. Was looking at flights home on my first morning.

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TripAdvisor Review

Chilled relaxing holiday

Review by JezMaz

We recently stayed at the hotel Pinhal Do Sol, for one week, all-inclusive, as a family of four. The room was open planned as seen in the hotel picture gallery. Everything in the room was as expected, although only a curtain separates the main beds (adult) from the other beds (kids), so if anyone is a loud sleeper it could affect everyone else...

Over the week we had one day with no hot water, which was on the weekend in the evening time, when there appeared to be more people staying than normal. We put this down to everyone having a shower at the same time, something to bear in mind.

The pool area was an adequate size with sun loungers along one side and further loungers on a grassed area to the side. When it comes to the loungers, you need to consider their placement due to tree foliage and kids splashing in the pool. There is no reserving of the sunbeds and is was never really a problem getting one, however on the last day someone put towels out prior to 8 o’ clock in the morning and never used them until 1 o’ clock in the afternoon, sadly they were English.

Going all-inclusive, we found the food was lovely and could not fault it at all. We thought the beer, Sangria, wine and Port was nice, but the house spirits horrible. The daily snacks only appeared to be toasties, but they too were nice, if a little under toasted. Overall, we enjoyed the food and drink and we always take money with us so when the all-inclusive finished at 10 o’ clock so where able to enjoy an established brand of spirit. A few times, I waited longer than expected at the bar for service, although staff were always helping in the back area (kitchen) or sanitising areas.

There was no daily entertainment programme, and although Bingo, Karaoke, and a Singer (Carlos) where advertised, we only saw Carlos on the Saturday night. Carlos was a decent act and we enjoyed listening to him. We believe COVID-19 was the reason for no Bingo or Karaoke.

Throughout our stay, we always felt at ease and stress-free. This was mainly down to the staff being friendly and helpful at all times. Some of them are characters in their own right and we found them amusing most of the time. Again, this added to the overall blissful experience of the holiday.

The location of the hotel is away from the town, but there is a Lidl and a couple of restaurants’ in close proximity. In addition, when the Waterpark re-opens post COVID-19, you should find you are closer to it than those in the town are.

COVID-19; all the relevant procedures to help control the virus appeared in place, plenty of hand sanitiser, staff wiping down tables, loungers (flip boards on loungers, green safe, red requires cleaning before use). Moving around the complex you did not have to wear a mask unless indoors, however when seated eating/drinking you could remove it. The shuttle bus service to the town was not running, so you either got a taxi or walked.

In summary, we had a lovely relaxing holiday and have every intention in returning next year.

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TripAdvisor Review

Safe and relaxing

Review by traveler6555 northumberland

Returned home 21st march . The caring staff made this possible as the return taxi failed to arrive and I really thought I would not make it to the airport.Even with all that has been happening over the past few weeks they took everything in their stride. This hotel is outstanding in every way...

A big thank you to you all especially Vera on reception who put a welcome note in my room in arrival. Now how many hotels do that?

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TripAdvisor Review

They've forgotten what hospitality is really about

Review by alanv988 Lausanne, Switzerland

If it weren't for two really unpleasant experiences, I would have rated the place a solid 4.

Super friendly and efficient staff at the reception, quiet surroundings, huge & clean bedrooms, nice breakfast, great pool… Everything is a bit outdated, but honest & simple, and I was fine with that.

Issue 1 started with the bar's manager. A ridiculously short-sighted stubborn little man called W****n, with no sense of service, or even business, for that matter!

Long story short, we were supposed to borrow a friend's house for our one-week stay in the Algarve...

We had done our shopping, including a bottle of wine for the apero, after landing in Faro. Turns out, the house wasn't in the state my friend thought it was, and it was unfit for our stay. We changed our plans, found this hotel not too far, and booked the weekend there, and eventually the full week.

Our bottle was a bit warm, so we shoved it in the room's fridge, and bought another one from the hotel's bar for our first evening's apero. 12€. Absolutely delicious. I was definitely going to get some more in the foreseeable future.

The following day though, as our initial bottle had cooled down, I asked for a  corkscrew at reception. They didn't have one, so they sent me to the bar. Where the aforementioned manager simply refused to lend me the bar's bottle opener for half a minute. Insisting that that was the rule, and that I had to understand that a rule is a rule, you see, and that if everyone started asking for corkscrews instead of buying his wine, he'd be out of business.

I acknowledged that I know what a rule is, and that I understood that in the unlikely event of everyone asking for a corkscrew, he would indeed be screwed. But I also explained the situation, reassuring him that not everyone had to change plans after borrowing a house unfit for the purpose of a holiday, and that I loved his wine and would happily buy some again, but just not today. The guy did not change his mind.

The only things he gained from this unpleasant attitude were this bad mark for the whole hotel (not just his stupid bar; unfortunately, I couldn't target specifically), and a loss of income of at least 60€ on the wine I genuinely would have bought during the following days. And god knows how much on food and drinks that we would have got from the hotel's bar under normal circumstances.

I can picture this sad guy not succeeding at growing his business in the coming years and blaming it on the whole world, whilst the actual problem can be summarized as a total absence of human decency on his behalf, as well as a complete lack of business acumen.

When he's done ruining this nice little hotel's reputation, maybe he should consider a career in rule-enforcement. I can predict a future there for him.

The second issue we had was with the pool towel policy. You're not allowed to use the hotel's towels because the rule is the rule, and if everybody used the girls towels and blablablah. But then, they don't provide any other towels for the pool! You're supposed to travel with your own towels (even if you have been travelling with hand luggage only on the plane). You should therefore buy your own towels and throw them away when you fly back home. According to the receptionist, this is the standard in the area. Meaning, next time, we will be going to Spain instead of the Algarve, where I know for a fact that this stupid standard is not a thing (like in the rest of the world, actually).

A real shame, because there is so much to say for this beautiful corner of the world!

In summary, if you're looking for a place to feel better than at home (which is usually the whole purpose of booking a hotel for your holidays, isn't it?), don't come here. They prioritize making their jobs easier over providing you a relaxing stay. A real shame.

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