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Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa

Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Poste Lafayette

Perfect location; exemplary hotel accommodation – it sounds like a match made in heaven. When you see the Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa in northern Mauritius, you'll know exactly what we mean.

With its beautiful views out over the ocean – just wait till you see the sunsets – this is Mauritius at its most stunning. You can take it all in from the hotel. The Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa will enhance your holiday experience. It is beautifully designed – giving it an authentic traditional look, but still boasting all sorts of wonderful contemporary features.

Beautiful outlooks of Jalsa Beach from one of Mauritius' finest four star hotels:

A stay at the Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa sets the tone for a wonderfully relaxing holiday. When you get up in the morning and look out over the deep blue sea or the hotel's lush gardens in the bright sunshine, you'll feel that sense of deep contentment that only ever comes on the very best holidays.

And all the best days start with the best breakfast. Your all-inclusive package at the Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa entitles you to a wealth of delicious selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, together with free snacks and complimentary local spirits, beers and soft drinks.

Sunny days are the norm in Mauritius, and one of the best ways to spend another perfect day under a clear blue sky is to laze in or by the beautiful blue lagoon. It's a wonderful spot – and it really emphasises that special kind of excitement that comes of being on a tropical holiday.

Then there's the beach. The perfect sand and blue sea are hard to resist – and we do recommend the scuba diving if you get the chance. But, this being Mauritius, there's a real variety in the landscape and a few miles from the beach you can go exploring in the beautiful forest reserve.

There's plenty to see and do when you stay at the Jalsa Beach Hotel, and if you do find yourself doing a bit too much, you can always revive yourself with a deep massage or luxurious skin treatment in the spa.

Rooms are spacious and beautifully furnished – they're just as relaxing as you'd expect and come equipped with a range of amenities as well as those wonderful views. You can also upgrade to deluxe sea view rooms.

Mauritius specialises in beautiful hotels (like the Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa) that really complement their natural environment and make this such an irresistible place to visit.

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  • Swimming pool with Jacuzzi
  • Spa with health & fitness suite*
  • Restaurant & poolside grill
  • Pool Bar
  • FREE Wi-Fi connection in Reception lobby & pool bar
  • Boutique Shop
  • Car rental
  • Bicycle hire and Indoor games*
  • FREE selected watersports
  • Entertainment programme
  • *Some facilities may incur an additional fee

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The Local Area

Overlooking the Indian Ocean and the stunning sandy lagoon on the beautiful east coast of Mauritius, the Jalsa Beach Hotel & Spa is the perfect choice for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. The beautiful scenery, including a bird filled forest reserve, makes this an area that invites exploration. The hotel has a large pool in the gardens which run down to the sandy beach where a full range of watersports are available.

Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review


Review by Kate G Halesowen, United Kingdom

Arriving at the hotel were greeted warmly by the reception staff and showed to our room by the bellboy who wouldn't take a tip as it was 'part of his job'!. Our room was on the third floor with a beautiful sea view and large balcony. The room was roomy and clean and the bathroom was large with a lovely shower and separate toilet...

I didn't realise until we got back home that we had paid for an upgrade and should have had bathrobes and slippers which we didn't. It's not a large hotel with only one restaurant. For the first few days the food was really good. Fresh grilled meats and fish but the salad bar was very disappointing with very few basic ingredients like lettuce or tomatoes. Birds were also flying all over the place landing on the bread but as it was an open restaurant that wasn't something the hotel could avoid. On saying that there could have been a better way of protecting the food that was out. I think Chef's clothes could also do with having a good was as they didn't look as though they had been washed for some time. That being said we always found something to eat. The pool was extremely disappointing and absolutely filthy. There were tiles missing, broken tiles and a large tarpaulin at the bottom of the pool to cover , I imagine, more broken/missing tiles. There was only one bar at the hotel and only one person serving so you could have to wait sometimes but again drinks were OK. The only entertainment at the hotel was geared towards the french guests and once they left it was left to ourselves to amuse ourselves. Due to the location of the hotel there is no chance of going out and finding a nearby bar or restaurant so you literally are 'stuck' there. The beach was OK but there is no chance of swimming in the bay as the water never goes above waist height. Unfortunately while we were there the Maurutian government implemented a lockdown so we couldn't leave the hotel even if we wanted to so we didn't get to see anything of the island. As the number of guests dwindled so did the choice of foods and the last couple of days we were given a menu to choose what we wanted at the next meal. As there was no shop on site (the gift shop was shut while we were there) you had to eat something or starve until the next mealtime. The spa was also closed. The bar also closed at 9:30 and we had to be in our rooms by 10! We were also asked by the hotel to arrange early flights home as they were closing the hotel. That being said the pandemic was beyond the control of the hotel. Would I come back to this hotel? No. This is certainly not a 4 star or even 3

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TripAdvisor Review

If it looks too good to be true it probably is

Review by Lucylocket24 Norwich, United Kingdom

We learnt the hard way that a price has to be paid for a ‘bargain’ break. Tempted by the price and the promise of 2 weeks of sunshine we booked Jalsa Beach through Mercury holidays. A large amount of research was undertaken and we completely understood that the hotel was dated and in need of a little tlc...

We enjoy the intimacy of small hotels and had no wish to visit nearby bars etc, of which there are none! Jalsa is gated, but weather permitting we had a long walk outside of the premises every day, and felt no threat or danger. The taxis that wait outside are excellent, trustworthy and reliable. They can also be booked through reception. We emailed in advance to ask for a room with a view as we are birdwatchers. The staff on reception are excellent, had read our email and allocated us room 317. Perfect for Birdwatching. The room was large but ready for an update, however when we asked for more pillows they immediately appeared, as did a reading lamp. The staff try their hardest to please. The room cleaning however left a lot to be desired. The lady was lovely but clearly had had no training in what is expected by guests nowadays. Our balcony was never cleaned at all except for us wiping the table with face wipes. Weekdays there were plenty of sun loungers, albeit apt to collapse at any given moment. Weekends were a different matter when locals swamp the hotel, then it really is a case on towels out. The lagoon is superb, warm and clear and a pleasure to cool off in. We didn’t fancy the look of the swimming pool, so stayed clear. For us the entertainment at night was a huge irritation. So much noise for so few people. A massive thumbs down. Our huge, huge bug bare however was the hygiene, particularly in the restaurant area. It isn’t helped by fellow guests who ignore the signs and continue to feed the cats and birds. Basically the birds are continually on the tables looking for food, after being on the ground eating insects out of cat poo. They even go inside the restaurant pecking at the bread table. We didn’t once see a table washed between customers, the plastic mats are just given a shake and clean cutlery put down. The salad bar and dessert counter are behind sliding doors which everyone has to touch. We tended to stick to grilled meats which were fresh and very nice. WiFi is in the process of being available in the rooms.

In a nutshell Jalsa is in an outstanding setting and with a colossal amount of money pumped in could be superb.

The staff are some of the friendliest we have ever met on our travels but are in desperate need of proper training.

Everyone is given a questionnaire to fill in on departure, where we raised our concerns about the hygiene. Little did I know that it was coming back to bite me. Halfway into the 12 hour flight home I began to feel unwell with the worst tummy upset imaginable. Thankfully the seatbelt signs didn’t come on at all, as the last six hours in the air were spent in the loo. With corona virus just kicking off (9th March) I had a telephone consultation with my GP and a sample specimen was sent to the labs. The result - Campylobacter- food poisoning of the worst kind, a notifiable disease in the UK. Without doubt picked up at Jalsa as we neither ate or drank anything at all outside of the hotel. Mercury holidays have been informed and must act. This wasn’t simply holiday tummy, it was brought about by bad practice and must not be allowed to happen. I have spent 7 days in bed, and 10 trying to get my strength back. So we did learn the hard way that a bargain isn’t necessarily a bargain.

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TripAdvisor Review

Disgraceful horrid hotel

Review by thebogqueen Alloa, United Kingdom

The most disgusting hotel I have ever stayed in. Please if you like clean places do not go. This place should actually be condemned.

We barely ate as the so called restaurant should be visited by health and hygiene inspectors and closed down...

Filth absolutely everywhere, flies under glass sliding door living on desserts, bird poo on food covering. Let the photographs tell a tale.

If you want to contract legionnaires disease by all means go in this excuse for a pool. Slimy, missing and broken tiles, tarpaulin on pool floor is a hazard as guests feet were caught on it. Photos

Dead rat in grounds outside restaurant. Rubble outside windows, more like a building site. Beach filled with debris, bottles, discarded shoes. Loungers an absolute disgrace. Don't put your head on them.


I cannot describe my disappointment. Not deluxe as booked

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TripAdvisor Review

Jalsa Beach Disgusting

Review by ROONEYDinasPowys Dinas Powys, United Kingdom

Where do I start, I have never been to such a disgusting Hotel in all life of my travelling this establishment should never be advertised by any UK Travel Agent as it is not fit to be even classed as Hotel.

I completely agree with other reviewers that were their in March we can’t all be wrong for bad reviews, I pride myself on cleanliness and I would expect the same as such from any establishment with a four star rating I cannot give this place any mark as it does not deserve one other than Hotel from Hell but unfortunately I have to tick a box which it does not deserve.

The Hygine Standards were non existent as they do not have any and with all this Covid Virus this place did not have any hot water or soap in the male wc pool block.

The so called swimming pool has a tarpaulin at the bottom of it to cover up missing tiles this is a hazard, cracked tiles in the pool black scum in and around the pool Warning do not attempt to swim in this pool.

Restaurant if that is what it was meant be, this is not fit to serve water let alone food the Chefs Whites were beyond believe absolutely disgusting they have never seen a washing machine, I would not serve a dog it’s food in this so called Restaurant, service trays disgusting windows never cleaned nothing has seen any soap or water it needs to be shut down it is a health hazard.

I could go on and on about the Jalsa but all the bad reviews are hard truthful facts about the hygiene and the hotel it’s self are completely true.

I do not normally write many reviews but honestly anyone who may be thinking about spending time at this so called Hotel in the future

I beg you please do not go, I would never say that to anyone as I am firm believer in making your mind up but on this occasion I feel you really need to be warned please do not book this place.

TripAdvisor Review

The most disgusting hotel ever

Review by Jennifer L Stirling, United Kingdom

This is absolutely the worse experience of all inclusive I have ever had. This hotel should be closed down. Sold as 4 star plus but would be lucky to get a 2 star rating...

Welcome The worst welcome ever. After 15 hours travelling we were informed we could not gave anything to eat or drink for 2 hours until our all inclusive began. Disgusting.

Accommodation I never thought I would have to request a change of room which never happened the room was simply recleaned. Certainly not deluxe as booked. The entire place was filthy. Dirty lampshades, water running down wall from air conditioner, a fridge you would be scared to put anything in, pillows which stank if sweat, a disgraceful shower room with ground in grime on all tiles, sticky bathroom floor, disgusting toilet. The balcony had rotten black wooden railings and a small glass topped cracked disgusting table.

Grounds, beach and pool The grounds are certainly not how they appear on the glossy brochures. Photographic evidence will show a dead rat outside the restaurant. The beach is laden with debris, plastic bottles, old shoes, horrid sun loungers. The pool is a stagnant pit full of slime, broken tiles and a large tarpaulin laid on the floor. This is a hazard to guests as feet were caught on it, the tarpaulin no doubt hid a multitude of sins. If guess wish to contract legionnaires disease this is the pool which will deliver. Absolutely disgraceful.

Restaurant OMG there is no doubt in my mind if any kind of health and hygiene inspectors ever visited this facility they would not think twice about saying "shut it down" The obvious lack of cleanliness in a place where guests eat shocked me to the core. The food was a disgrace, served from filthy serverys, the desserts were kept in a fridge with a glass sliding door and it seemed it was acceptable to allow flies to live in there. The grime and the floors, on signs at the so called juice bar, bird poo on food coverings. Just too much to describe so the photos will. During Covid 19 issues we were fed leftovers! I have eaten better from street vendors in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Even their facilities are cleaner.

Entertainment Team Consisted of 2 females and 1 male, all particularly rude especially the male. The entertainment was non existent but if you spoke with a French accent you were actually acknowledged as a human being. British speaking guests were literally grunted at. These 3 should be ashamed of their behaviours.

Excursions Absolutely do not book through your rep as they are only interested in receiving their percentage. We went on one tour other 2 cancelled due to Covid 19, still waiting for refund. The tour we went on was horrendous, rattling around in a minibus only to go to look at a very boring church and then a pile if trees, just awful. Port Louis is not even worth the hassle.

All in all this hotel has put us off ever going long haul.

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