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Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa

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Mauritius, Indian Ocean
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Located on the east coast of Mauritius, the Jalsa Beach Hotel & Spa is the perfect option for a relaxing vacation. With its stunning views of the Indian Ocean and sandy lagoon, this hotel offers a peaceful getaway. Guests can enjoy a large pool set within the hotels' gardens that lead to the sandy beach, where various watersports are available.

Beautiful outlooks of Jalsa Beach from one of Mauritius' best value four star hotels:

A stay at the Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa sets the tone for a relaxing holiday. When you get up in the morning and look out over the deep blue sea or the hotel's gardens in the bright sunshine, you'll feel that sense of deep contentment that only ever comes on the very best holidays.

Your all-inclusive package at the Jalsa Beach Hotel and Spa entitles you to a wealth of delicious selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, together with free snacks and complimentary local spirits, beers and soft drinks.

Sunny days are the norm in Mauritius, and one of the best ways to spend another perfect day under a clear blue sky is to laze in or by the blue lagoon. It's a wonderful spot – and it really emphasises that special kind of excitement that comes of being on a tropical holiday.

Then there's the beach. The perfect sand and blue sea are hard to resist – and we do recommend the scuba diving if you get the chance. But, this being Mauritius, there's a real variety in the landscape and a few miles from the beach you can go exploring in the beautiful forest reserve.

There's plenty to see and do when you stay at the Jalsa Beach Hotel, and if you do find yourself doing a bit too much, you can always revive yourself with a deep massage or skin treatment in the spa. The spa also features a Hamman, Sauna and double massage room with sauna.

Rooms are spacious and well-equipped – they're just as relaxing as you'd expect and come complete with a range of amenities as well as those wonderful views. You can also upgrade to deluxe sea view rooms.